Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Today is the 3rd day with the new company......... basically nothing much to do in office, haha. This is what we call as the honeymoon period, which usually doesn't last long. My boss is on leave and will not be back until end of next week so briefing is basically done by a fellow colleague who has been covering the work.

People-wise, I think they seems ok. But this has to be subjected to further observations, I guess as a newbie, we just have to open our eyes a bit bigger and be more careful.

Administrative-wise........ I would say I had an amazing 3 days. 1st, I do not have my login ID and password as these were sent to my boss who is on leave, thus unable to give me the information. I had to call the IT helpdesk (based in India) and after holding on to the line for more than 1 hour, I eventually received the login ID and password. This is not the end......... laptop has to be reformatted because I keep getting some irritating error messages. Yes, it has to be reformatted by yours truly. As a staff in an IT company, it seems that we are expected to built up our IT technical know how because I had to reformat the laptop!!!! WTH........ this took me another 2.5 days......

Gosh, I have to say all these IT issues are really frustrating but boy I'm glad that all these are resolved! Now I shall just wait for my colleague to be more free to brief me on what I need to do......... hopefully soon so that I can have time to read up.

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