Thursday, September 16, 2010

While checking my email this morning, I saw from Yahoo! that Jimmy Lin is now officially a married man with a 1 year old son. I was surprised as I forgot how much I used to like him and he was like my childhood fantasy when I was in my secondary school days. I used to save my pocket money so that I can buy 偶像卡, and I always hope that my money will be fully utilised by hoping that I will get the cards with his face rather than other singers. I even dreamt of going Taiwan hoping I can see him, extreme right? Haha.

Time has flies and now he is already 36, but he still look good! WTH, how the hell these people maintain their look and youth. Is this the saying that money works wonders? I think so.

Gosh, look at the boyish look that attracted me to buy his cards, posters and cassette tapes.......

From this picture below, can see that he has age but I still think he looks damn good!
By the way, what happen to Nicky Wu Qi Long huh?

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