Sunday, August 17, 2008

We have tried leaving Eden in the living room and kitchen these few days while we go out for dinner or short periods out of home and she seems to be well behaved still. On and off, we notice that she does have abit of mood swings will the constant climbing up and down of sofa and we are trying very hard to get her not to chew the wires at home! Have no choice but to buy a bitter spray from pet shop and spray on those stuffs that we do not want her to bite on.

She has certainly grown since the day we fetch her home. Her stomach seems bigger, appetite got better and she has also grown longer. Haha. But she is still cute and adorable and active. On and off, she does come to us and 'sa jiao' especially when we just scolded her for something that she should not do. Like now, this is the 1st time that she came to my lap and fall asleep!

She is just so adorable........

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Eden Day 5

Eden is more or less getting used to the house now and that means trouble for us!!!! She is always running around with my bedroom slippers (YES! that's her latest toy!) and she is always trying her luck fiddling with the wires at home and she especially LOVE to walk over my keyboard when I am typing on my laptop. Hahaha. But she still never fails to make me and BC laugh. The way she moves, laugh and even yawn is just so cute. And today we notice that she seems to be fatter!!! Her stomach seems bigger! Haha.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Eden Day 4

Today we have to start disciplining Eden when she is naughty or when she is doing things that she should not be doing. She LOVE to play with the wires at home and she even tried to go near the fan!!! So dangerous! She kept wanting to go to the fan that I have to spank her butt lightly. Eden is actually quite mischevious....... and very kaypoh! She would see what we are doing and come and kaypoh, haha. We notice that she like to snuggle next to BC, maybe because he seems bigger and she feel more secure snuggling next to him. In fact, just now while BC was lying on the sofa, she came up and curl up next to BC in his arms! So cute!

I always take pics of Eden when she is sleeping because that's when she is not moving around and she look the cutest!!! There is her sleeping posture for today....

Monday, August 11, 2008

Eden Day 3

Today is Monday and it's the 1st time we had to leave Eden alone at home for almost half the day while we were working. Honestly, I would be lying if I say I don't miss her while I was at work. I am thinking what she is doing at home and if she is eating and resting and playing well.
Coming back from work, I'm glad that she is still active while we let her out of her area for her play and meal time. Now she can climb up to the sofa from the ground and snuggle at HER corner of the sofa when she is feeling tired and wanted some rest. We are slowly allow her to explore the different parts of the house except our bedrooms so that she has more area to have fun at while we are not at home. She seems to be getting used to our home since her appetite has increased too!
The good news is Eden no longer has anymore discharge coming from her right eye after visiting the vet yesterday. But the skin irritation at her neck is still there and on and off, Eden does scratch herself at the neck. I hope her neck can quickly recover then I can get a cute collar with bell and her name tag for her! Hehe.

Eden lazing on HER spot on the sofa!

She climbs alot now!

And she can sleep on the edge???

Yes, she is sleeping.......... -_-

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Eden Day 2

This morning, we woke up to find Eden abit more active than usual. She seems to be biting and scratching more than yesterday. Not very sure why is her behaviour like this also........ Then we notice that her right eye seems to be having discharge. Sms-ed her foster mum about this and she mentioned that she noticed also but she is unsure if she is down with cat flu. She advise that it might be a good idea to visit a vet and see is there is anything wrong.

Brought her to Mt Pleasant Animal Clinic at Sunset Way and poor Eden was soooooo scared! She was shivering so badly that when the vet wanted to take her weight by placing her on the scale, the whole scale was shaking as she was shivering so badly!!!! Poor thing....... From the routine check, the vet notice she has some skin irritation on her neck and he is concerned about having some ringworms and have to put her on some topical cream and anti biotics and monitor her for about 3 weeks. Dewormed her as part of the routine check and the vet say we might see worms in her poo tomorrow morning..... EEEEEWWWW.......... She has also to apply some eye drops for her right eye. Hopefully she can recover soon. We thought we could vaccinate her at the same time today but the vet said she is too young, so we have to wait for another 3 - 4 weeks and come back again.

Today, instead of restricting her to the sofa by 'force', we allowed her to roam the house (we close the doors of the bedrooms and kitchen) by the advice of the foster mum. And she likes it!!! She is not hiding underneath the furniture as often and will walk around the house and play with her toys!!! 1 more achievement for us!

Yes.... she is sleeping again............

Her blissful look sleeping on her new cushion from Daiso

Like a baby......

Hungry!!! Yummy!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Eden Day 1

We finally went to fetch Eden from her foster mum this afternoon, me and BC were so excited!!!! We have prepared all the necessary for the past few days and we couldn't wait to view and fetch her home.

We arrived at her foster mum's place slightly earlier than the agreed time since we thought it is better to be early than late. When we saw her, we were .....OMG......... we knew we want to bring her back. Her foster mum told us abit of history about Eden and explained to us why she is abit insecure and afraid of people. She has been loitering around some estates with her birth mother and sister. Since the day she was born, they were being fed by the volunteers of Cat Welfare Organisation. Her sister, Maya was actually up for adoption as well, but sadly, her sister went missing a few days before today's viewing thus a lady who was scheduled to come for a viewing earlier than me has to be disappointed (cos the foster mum reserved Eden for me thus this lady was also unable to view Eden). To be away from her mum and seeing her own sister went missing must be very sad for a young kitten like her thus explaining her insecurity. The foster mum told us that we have to be very patient with her and slowly she will get used to us and be closer to us.

Guess how we fetch her home? She super love lieing down in those recycleable cloth shopping bag, thus we 'transported' her back in it. She was sleeping all the way from the time we left the foster mum's place at 230pm and coming back, being afraid with the unfamiliar environment, she only fell asleep at 4pm till around 6pm+. We thought she had no appetite since we brought the food plate to her and she is not eating..... then BC slowly fed her bit by bit and she finally eaten! Phew! Now the next thing to be concerned is her toilet habit, we were so scared she will pee and poo around the house!!! Luckily, she only do that in the litter box and as and when we see her start digging around, we know we had to bring her to the litter box.

The sad part came when we had to sleep. We had to let her sleep on her own in the kitchen and she was meowing the whole time......... We have to ignore her since we need our sleep... Her meowing is actually quite loud wo! I hope the neighbours are not disturbed by it.

Taking her afternoon nap

She is still sleeping........

Strike a pose!

Isn't she a beauty???

Wednesday, August 6, 2008


I'm so so so so so so so so HAPPY!!!! I am getting my own kitten!!! Yes!!!! After thinking and procastinating for a while, me and BC have decide to adopt a kitten. After viewing the available cats up for adoption, we immediately fell in love with this white / ginger kitten called Eden. After contacting the foster mum, we will be collecting Eden for a trial adoption starting from this Sat for 2 weeks. This is to let us decide and consider whether or not we can take care of her for her lifetime.

Received a list of things to prepare for Eden from the foster mum and the basic necessities includes litter box, cat litter, dry kitten food, some toys and a scratch board....... So so excited about this! Even BC is excited and told me to get more toys for her when I have to stop him from over pampering her.

Eden (left), isn't she cute????

Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Me and BC did something unbelievable yesterday. We actually brought a kitten back to our place yesterday hoping we can keep the cat as pet but we failed. The kitten still prefers its usual habitat near the car park. I actually fell in love with this kitten when it was a few weeks old. Saw it running around near my blk, then we found this cat always lazing near the pavement at the car park and yesterday we saw the cat looking restless, we thought this cat is too hungry and carried the cat back to our place. Little did we know that this cat don't like our house!!!! She prefers her usual pavement!!!! So sad! We has to let this cat leave out house and stroll back to its usual place.

Isn't she a beauty???

Anyway, we have decided to adopt a cat and is actively looking for one one Cat Welfare Society. We are trying to arrange for a viewing for this kitten that we are so in love in !!!! Wish me luck!

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