Monday, August 11, 2008

Eden Day 3

Today is Monday and it's the 1st time we had to leave Eden alone at home for almost half the day while we were working. Honestly, I would be lying if I say I don't miss her while I was at work. I am thinking what she is doing at home and if she is eating and resting and playing well.
Coming back from work, I'm glad that she is still active while we let her out of her area for her play and meal time. Now she can climb up to the sofa from the ground and snuggle at HER corner of the sofa when she is feeling tired and wanted some rest. We are slowly allow her to explore the different parts of the house except our bedrooms so that she has more area to have fun at while we are not at home. She seems to be getting used to our home since her appetite has increased too!
The good news is Eden no longer has anymore discharge coming from her right eye after visiting the vet yesterday. But the skin irritation at her neck is still there and on and off, Eden does scratch herself at the neck. I hope her neck can quickly recover then I can get a cute collar with bell and her name tag for her! Hehe.

Eden lazing on HER spot on the sofa!

She climbs alot now!

And she can sleep on the edge???

Yes, she is sleeping.......... -_-

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