Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Eden Day 4

Today we have to start disciplining Eden when she is naughty or when she is doing things that she should not be doing. She LOVE to play with the wires at home and she even tried to go near the fan!!! So dangerous! She kept wanting to go to the fan that I have to spank her butt lightly. Eden is actually quite mischevious....... and very kaypoh! She would see what we are doing and come and kaypoh, haha. We notice that she like to snuggle next to BC, maybe because he seems bigger and she feel more secure snuggling next to him. In fact, just now while BC was lying on the sofa, she came up and curl up next to BC in his arms! So cute!

I always take pics of Eden when she is sleeping because that's when she is not moving around and she look the cutest!!! There is her sleeping posture for today....


  1. wah like that also can sleep??!?!

  2. u will be amazed with the positions tis girl can sleep in. i see liao also wanna laugh!


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