Sunday, August 10, 2008

Eden Day 2

This morning, we woke up to find Eden abit more active than usual. She seems to be biting and scratching more than yesterday. Not very sure why is her behaviour like this also........ Then we notice that her right eye seems to be having discharge. Sms-ed her foster mum about this and she mentioned that she noticed also but she is unsure if she is down with cat flu. She advise that it might be a good idea to visit a vet and see is there is anything wrong.

Brought her to Mt Pleasant Animal Clinic at Sunset Way and poor Eden was soooooo scared! She was shivering so badly that when the vet wanted to take her weight by placing her on the scale, the whole scale was shaking as she was shivering so badly!!!! Poor thing....... From the routine check, the vet notice she has some skin irritation on her neck and he is concerned about having some ringworms and have to put her on some topical cream and anti biotics and monitor her for about 3 weeks. Dewormed her as part of the routine check and the vet say we might see worms in her poo tomorrow morning..... EEEEEWWWW.......... She has also to apply some eye drops for her right eye. Hopefully she can recover soon. We thought we could vaccinate her at the same time today but the vet said she is too young, so we have to wait for another 3 - 4 weeks and come back again.

Today, instead of restricting her to the sofa by 'force', we allowed her to roam the house (we close the doors of the bedrooms and kitchen) by the advice of the foster mum. And she likes it!!! She is not hiding underneath the furniture as often and will walk around the house and play with her toys!!! 1 more achievement for us!

Yes.... she is sleeping again............

Her blissful look sleeping on her new cushion from Daiso

Like a baby......

Hungry!!! Yummy!

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