Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Me and BC did something unbelievable yesterday. We actually brought a kitten back to our place yesterday hoping we can keep the cat as pet but we failed. The kitten still prefers its usual habitat near the car park. I actually fell in love with this kitten when it was a few weeks old. Saw it running around near my blk, then we found this cat always lazing near the pavement at the car park and yesterday we saw the cat looking restless, we thought this cat is too hungry and carried the cat back to our place. Little did we know that this cat don't like our house!!!! She prefers her usual pavement!!!! So sad! We has to let this cat leave out house and stroll back to its usual place.

Isn't she a beauty???

Anyway, we have decided to adopt a cat and is actively looking for one one Cat Welfare Society. We are trying to arrange for a viewing for this kitten that we are so in love in !!!! Wish me luck!

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