Friday, October 21, 2011

Terracotta Warriors: The First Emperor and His Legacy

After Hatched breakfast last Saturday, we headed to Asian Civilisation Museum to catch the exhibition of Terracotta Warriors before it ends on 16 October and it was pretty interesting and disappointing at the same time. Interesting that I have never seen the Terracotta Warriors with my own eyes but disappointing as the number of exhibits was really pretty limited. Nevertheless, it was an interesting experience to try to get in touch with the cultured side of mine, haha. But I was really irritated with the Terracotta Warriors app on my iPhone as it doesn't work at all. I gave up after a while since it was really affecting the whole experience.

 This is a replica and not the real thing as it was too fragile to be brought to Singapore

 The General and his soldiers

 The Archer

We saw the fusion of history and modernisation in the following figurines and they are damn cute!
 It has been a long long while since I stepped into a museum and it certainly brought back nostalgic memories of the school excursions I had when I was in primary school. Time really flies........ 

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Angry Birds

I am not sure how many of you are fans of Angry Birds and I confess I am not a fan of it. I got bored of the free game which I downloaded in my iPhone, out of curiousity. After playing the game for less than 5 times. I realised it's stupid as it was just nothing much but plain shooting.

So anyway, I know different birds in the games have different 'powers' and the 6 birds in the game are in the pic below.
Which bird is your favourite? Well, check out this comic which depicts the likeability of these 6 birds.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Let's Hatched Hatched Hatched

It has been a LONG LONG while since I last blogged and honestly, I am getting lazy. Not only that, I have night calls almost everyday which is terribly tiring. The little kitten that comes back on weekends is also driving me crazy with it's health issue and his weird toilet habit. Gosh........

In any case, it has also been a long while since I last head down to Hatched for a nice breakfast so I organise a breakfast session with BC, L and S since I have been raving about Hatched on and on to them for a while. This time round, I tried the eggs benedict on smoked salmon (called Smoked Royale) and it's heavenly. I have never tried eggs benedict before and I was actually skeptical about trying it initially as I am not sure if I would like taste of hollandaise sauce and thank goodness it wasn't as sour as I thought it would be!
Nothing beats having a nice breakfast to start the day, especially life in general is already super boring. Just thinking about nothing, having a nice breakfast with your loved one and friends is just wonderful. 

I would really love to try Wild Honey next after seeing all the ravings as well!!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The Nail Status again! :)

Went up to The Nail Status with L to remove my previous set of Gelish nails and to redo a new set! Yes, I know, I am damn vain right? Hahaha. Gelish nails is seriously addictive lah! While choosing the design for the nail art, I fell in love with some polka dots design and told Faye (the manicurist) how I want it simple. And this is the end result!
The Nail Status is having some gelish promotion this month and instead of gelish manicure at $65, it is now $50! On top of that, if you are a member, you are still entitled to 15% off this promo price! Some places will say since this is a promotion, no further discount but not the case for The Nail Status!

L initially decided on getting a set of French Gelish and seeing my polka dots, she decided to do it too! Mine was a dark purple as base with white dots and hers is white base with pink dots!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Nothing much is going on.........

Nothing much has been happening in my boring life thus I am actually soooo free to be blogging away on a hot and humid Saturday afternoon. Work has been the same but accordingly to my boss, there will be some changes to the team so fingers crossed that it will be changes for the better. At the end of the day, I only want to do my work and earn my keep, keep me out of politics!

Anyway, I met up with V last Thursday for dinner and to pass her the LUSH hauls that she spree-ed with me. I suggested Wala Wala at Holland V since I heard so much raves about the band. However, we did not managed to catch the band (???) but had our dinner over a round of beer and caught up over stuffs.

Nothing beats meeting up with a friend and just talking and talking and talking. I feel as we get older, probably because we have lesser energy or more things we need to attend to, we prefer to be lazy to just sit down, eat and talk. Maybe it is just me, I'm not sure.

My philosophy of friendship has always been: I do not need a lot of friends, a few good friends is all I need. Because to me, I rather have good friends whom I can 谈心 and we bother to update each other of our lives and happenings. With limited time on our hands, I do not need to waste time on acquaintances. With this, will I die a miserable old woman?? Haha
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