Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Let's Hatched Hatched Hatched

It has been a LONG LONG while since I last blogged and honestly, I am getting lazy. Not only that, I have night calls almost everyday which is terribly tiring. The little kitten that comes back on weekends is also driving me crazy with it's health issue and his weird toilet habit. Gosh........

In any case, it has also been a long while since I last head down to Hatched for a nice breakfast so I organise a breakfast session with BC, L and S since I have been raving about Hatched on and on to them for a while. This time round, I tried the eggs benedict on smoked salmon (called Smoked Royale) and it's heavenly. I have never tried eggs benedict before and I was actually skeptical about trying it initially as I am not sure if I would like taste of hollandaise sauce and thank goodness it wasn't as sour as I thought it would be!
Nothing beats having a nice breakfast to start the day, especially life in general is already super boring. Just thinking about nothing, having a nice breakfast with your loved one and friends is just wonderful. 

I would really love to try Wild Honey next after seeing all the ravings as well!!

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