Saturday, January 31, 2009

New sofa....... finally!

When we first shifted to our new place, I love the cozy and comfort of the Picket & Rail sofa. Of course, it comes at a good price of $1299 + $5 for a 3 seater and 2 seater. But after 1 year of use, the cushions sink in and when we sit, it feels warm and uncomfortable as the sinking cushions causes backache. BC and myself think and think for quite a while if we should change the sofa but we decided not to to save some money.

Today we finally bought out new set of sofa, after seeing the 50% storewide discount at Seahorse. Got a good price of $503 for a fabric 4 seater L-shaped sofa. The first thing that we asked is if the cushion will sink in and the salesperson assured that it can easily last 4 - 5 years since the foam of the cushions are some medium densed foam or something. I hope this will be a good purchase and I can't wait to get rid of this lousy sofa!

Sunday, January 18, 2009


We have always known Titus to be quite a TV addict. Have seen him engrossed in shows while watching TV shows with us, even when we were watching some thriller shows, you can see from his expression that he is very 'gan cheong' also. Haha. Today while watching 'Garfield', Titus seem exceptionally engrossed.........

Titus watching 'Garfield' (notice Garfield on the TV screen??)

Titus just can't get his eyes off Garfield (maybe it looks like him???)

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Just brought to Eden to the vet (again!) this morning as she was having an eye infection. Noticed that yesterday her eyes look abit cloudy as compared to normal and for a moment I thought perhaps it was dark so I was seeing properly. Then this morning I saw her eyes and it was really cloudy lor!!!! Brought her to the vet and it was diagnosed as an eye infection. Consulted the vet on why is it that Eden is always not feeling well as I am unsure if I am doing a good job or not and the vet consoled me by saying that all these are sheer luck and that eye infection could have been caused by anything so I need not worry....... Hiaz..... Eden's medical records with the vet is quite long lor.......... At least for the past 3 weeks I have been bringing her to the vet for various reasons. I really hope her immune system can be improved.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Was trying to do some CNY shopping at Harbourfront centre this afternoon while waiting for BC to be back from Batam because I need a new top for the 1st day of CNY. Ended up with a dress (which I am very satisfied..... right length, nice fit and not so nice price tag, haha) and 3 tops. Guess what, I find that they are ALL not suitable for CNY!!!! Hahaha. Find the 3 tops too casual for CNY and the dress is black which I am not sure if people will be 'pan tang' or not....... Should I just find another new top???? Hmm.......

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Past 2 days have been horrible for me....... 1st it was busy with month end reporting (causing me to only be able to leave office at 1am) followed by the annual budget the following day (causing me to leave office around 1030pm). This is so tiring........... Why can't I find a job that pays me well enough that I do not need to slog so badly???? Ok, this is all in my dream again....... I don't think I will ever find a job like that. Haha.

On a happy note..... Eden's tail has healed!!!! Yes!!!!, Brought her to the vet this morning to remove the stitches and the vet say her wound has healed. Eden has also became the celebrity patient there because the staffs there remembered her as the cat whose tail got caught at the door on the 1st business day of 2009

Staffs: Oh, you are the cat whose tail got caught on 2 Jan....... tail heal liao lor!!!

Eden's half shaven tail

Monday, January 5, 2009


Eden has lost her voice...... just like human when we lost our voice, we can't seem to talk, now she can't seem to meow....... I totally don't know what is wrong..... is it the antibiotics? Or is it that she meow alot previously in pain thus losing her voice??? Hiaz........ totally helpless now.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

After Eden's visit to the vet yesterday, she obviously is very uncomfortable with the bandage on her tail. She is not eating and sleeping well like her usual. Today she seems more like herself, runing up and down, playing with Titus and enjoying her meals. Then the nightmare came when we have to change her dressing.......

She is crying!!!! It must have been very painful........ I have to hold her down while BC change her dressing. The difficulty is to wrap the gauze around her wound securely so that it will not drop off when she try to remove it or when Titus is playing with her. Whenever we thought that we are that close to completing it, she will resist and then we have to start all over again. And she kept whining and moaning like a child in pain....... so poor thing....... Now I just want her wound to heal properly and quickly so that she and us don;t have to go through this again......... :(

Friday, January 2, 2009

Never felt so guilty in my life before........ because of me, Eden has lost about 1 cm of her tail...... It's all my fault!

I was carrying Eden out of my room this morning and I did not see that her tail was at the door when I close it. Before I knew it, Eden let out a loud scream and ran off. For a while, I still did not know what was wrong. Then when i went to the kitchen, I got a shock of my life when I see alot of blood on the floor and wall, that' s when I realise what I had done. Totally don't know what to do so we had to send her to the vet.

When we reached, I thought maybe just a cut and perhaps some antiseptic cream and oral medication should be fine. Then the vet said that Eden's bone is exposed and the only way to make her heal properly is to amputate a portion of it so that they can pull the skin to cover the wound and let it heal properly. When I heard it, I was shocked and guilty at the same time. If not for me, Eden will be happily jumping around at home and need not go through this ordeal. The vet assured us that she will only amputate a very little portion of her tail and her long and fluffy tail will still be long and fluffy without any visible scars since it will covered by her long fur. I was crying in the clinic and kept apologizing to BC but he was very consoling and comforting and told me it's not any of our fault since this is a pure accident......

I really must be more careful in future..... for the better of them and for my pocket......

PS: The quote for the amputation cost $300....... -_-

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