Saturday, January 10, 2009

Past 2 days have been horrible for me....... 1st it was busy with month end reporting (causing me to only be able to leave office at 1am) followed by the annual budget the following day (causing me to leave office around 1030pm). This is so tiring........... Why can't I find a job that pays me well enough that I do not need to slog so badly???? Ok, this is all in my dream again....... I don't think I will ever find a job like that. Haha.

On a happy note..... Eden's tail has healed!!!! Yes!!!!, Brought her to the vet this morning to remove the stitches and the vet say her wound has healed. Eden has also became the celebrity patient there because the staffs there remembered her as the cat whose tail got caught at the door on the 1st business day of 2009

Staffs: Oh, you are the cat whose tail got caught on 2 Jan....... tail heal liao lor!!!

Eden's half shaven tail

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