Sunday, January 30, 2011


Met up with my ex colleagues yesterday night for the long awaited dinner and we had great fun at TGIF. It's just 4 ladies plain bitching and gossiping over buffalo wings and beers (they had beers and I had my hot tea since I am still coughing). Nothing beats spending time with a great bunch of people......

T, is a makeup junkie and trust me when i say she is a worse, worse junkie than me. She was the one who 'imparted' her makeup skills to me and rekindle the interest I had in makeup again (I used to love makeup and cosmetics but work got the better of me and I started becoming lazy). And lovely T is always helping me to get stuffs all the time and I really appreciate it. I know how irritating it is to help people buy stuffs at time so I also try to be more automatic and not ask unless she is getting as well / convenient for her.

So.... these are the hauls!!!

Top row: Ombres Perlees de Chanel, Lush Dream Cream, Lush Honey I Wash the Kids, Mario Badescu Almond and Honey Face Scrub

Lower row: Stila all over glow face colour & luminizer, NYX eyeshadow palette in Team Spirit, NYX eyeshadow palette in I Dream of Barbados ( all courtesy of T, freebies for me!!)

I can't describe how excited I am to receive the Chanel palette...... the colours is just lovely! Now I need to think how to use these colours.
The iPhone camera doesn't do this palette justice so you really have to see the real item for yourself and feel the creamy, powdery texture.

T also gave me this NYX palette which is gorgeous (she knew I like purple, hehe)
Love the combination of pink, purple and greys! Looking at these palettes, the colours look pretty similar, don't they?

Would certainly miss T once she is posted to Denmark in end Feb.... 1 lesser person to crap and talk makeup and skincare with.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Eyeshadow brushes

Further to my post yesterday on 1 way to apply eye makeup, I thought it would be useful if I were to show the tools used for the application.

Typically, you can either use a sponge applicator or a eyeshadow brush. I started with my FINGERS, hahaha. Because I find it easier to just dap my finger on the eyeshadow and then dap and apply on the lids. This however is not a good method for 2 reasons. Firstly, it's hard to blend the colours together and secondly, over time, the eyeshadow will harden as our fingers might be dirty and all (you would see harden eyeshadow at most cosmetic counters and it look ugly right?)

So....... sponge applicator or brush? It really depends on you but I would go for brush for a few reasons. Sponge applicator tend to 'trap' more pigments on the sponge itself thus lesser pigments end up on the eye. Brushes on the other hand, do not have this problem and also make it easier to apply by brushing it over the lid.

There are 2 type of brushes that I use. 1 to apply the eyeshadow and 1 to blend. This is how they look like...

1) Eyeshadow brush

The 1 on the right is from Ecotools (which I purchased as a set from Watsons) and the left is MAC 239. You will notice that the bristles are denser and shorter. This is to allow the bristles to pick up more pigments from the pot.

2) Blending brush

This is MAC 217 and bristles are longer and fluffier. With the long and fluffy bristles, it makes blending easier since it will 'mix' the colours together better thus removing the harsh lines separating the colours.

For beginners, it is not exactly a must to get a blending brush, it is a good to have. To blend without a blending brush, you can just clean your existing eyeshadow brush with tissue to remove the pigments and lightly sweep over the entire lids, I think this is good enough. Also, you also need not get expensive brushes like MAC (even though they are worth every cents and last very well). Cheaper brushes can also be purchased from Sasa, Watson and drugstore.

So what are you waiting for? Time to start experimenting the colours on your eyes!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Eye makeup (Part 1)

A close colleague requested for me to blog 1 post on simple eyemakeup for beginners and here it is.......

The basic colours that I like to use especially for work (when we don't want to look too wayang and drama) is always light yellow /  beige, light pink and brown. 1 thing about eyeshadow palettes that I like is all that I need for application is within the same palette, which is an excellent choice when it comes to travelling. Thus when it comes to using palettes, it's quite brainless for me since the colour combination are all within the same container.

The picture below is taken from the packaging of Lunasol eyeshadow palette. It even teaches you how to use the colours in the palette!!!!

The 4 colours that were in this Lunasol palette are light yellow (A), pink (B), purple(C) and brown (D). All Lunasol eyeshadows comes with excellent shimmers, which is my favourite. My preference when it comes to colours is to avoid matte colours are I have single eyelids and using matte colours make my eyes look puffy and ugly.

So the steps are as follows:-

1) Apply light yellow (A) on the entireeye crease area (until where you can feel your eyeball socket) using a eyeshadow brush

2) Apply pink (B) on the upper eyelid and blend so that you do not see a harsh line separating the 2 colours. Blending is very important when it comes to application of eyeshadows so you will not be seen having patchworks on your eyes

3) Line brown (D) on your upper lashline and 1/3 of the outer lower lashline. For this step, I usually like to use a narrow sponge applicator. This will make your eyes look bigger.

4) This step is optional and I do not usually do it. Line purple (C) on the inner lower lashline. It will help to brighten up and 'open' your eyes and it looks like your eyes are talking :)

I hope the instructions are not confusing and happy experimenting!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Fatty Simba

Among the 3 cats, Simba is the greediest when it comes to food and he absolutely love eating canned food. The only reason he gets excited seeing me after I come home from home is so that he can meow and pester me to open his favourite can of wet food.

Being the greediest of the lot, I have to separately enclose him in the kitchen with the kitchen door closed when feeding him, away from Titus and Eden. If I do not do that, he will shift his attention to their food after he is done and even push them away so that he can eat his food. So gangster right???? No manners!!! LOL

With his greedy nature, it is no surprise he has this......................................
Check out his ASS!!! GIANT ASS! Hahaha

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Jill Stuart

Why is Jill Stuart unavailable in Singapore???? Why why? Too expensive? But please...... ladies will cave in to their products just by looking at their packaging (see below)

This is my ONLY 2 personal collection of Jill Stuart items, Illuminance Eyes palette and Mixed Blush Compact. Got a pal to buy it from HK during her holidays and it cost approximately S$60 each. It's not cheap but the packaging and colours of the products is really attractive.

Sorry for the lousy pic but this was the best I could take using my lousy camera, haha. Anyway, enough said, Jill Stuart rocks and I am sure I am getting more! Haha.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Ettusais Sweet Marble Cheek Color (Limited edition)

Was browsing through February's Women Weekly and saw this cute blusher from Ettusais.

On and off, I noticed Ettusais will come up with makeup with this marble 'swirls' which adds slight shimmers to the products. The 2 products that I can recalled are their limited edition lip gloss and sparkling pact (which is a permanent item and is a pressed powder).

This blusher is at an affordable price of $29 which is pretty reasonable in my opinion since most people HARDLY COMPLETE their blusher and it doesn't hurt to own that 1 more blusher. I owned 2 of Ettusais blusher and hardly touches 1 of it as I find the colour too red and strong (don't ask me how I ended up buying something which I do not like the colour because I do not recall, haha). Their blusher is especially convenient for travellers as it comes with a small sponge at the bottom of the case which can be use to pat on the blusher on your cheeks, this way, you need not bring a blusher brush. However, my personal preference is still to apply using a brush as I find it easier to control the strokes and I look more natural without looking like 2 'kuehs' on my face. :)

Sunday, January 23, 2011

飛輪海 - 心疼你的心疼

Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Fighter

Caught the movie 'The Fighter' last Saturday that never really got down to blogging about it even thought I would rate it as 4 popcorns out of 5.

The show is a real life story of boxer Mickey Ward (Mark Wahlberg) and his elder brother Dicky Eklund (Christian Bale) who used to be a boxer and turning to become his brother's trainer. Even though, it seems that Christian is more of a supporting role in this movie, I feel that they are both stars and main casts in their own story. As Mickey battle and train himself hard to be a good, professional boxer and coming out of his mum's and brother's shadows, Dicky is battling with his drug addiction and regain his focus back on the boxing ring as a good trainer to his brother.

Everyone has something that they wish to fight for and this movie really shows how important it is to get the support that is needed as well as not losing faith and persevere on. I especially like the way Christian Bale acted out his role as the drug addict, Dicky Eklund. He is REALLY IRRITATING enough! Haha.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Does bird's nest help to improve skin complexion?

A few friends told me before that consuming bird's nest on a regular basis help them to improve their skin complexion. When I heard this, the first thought that came to my mind was 'Wah Se!!!! Bird's nest is expensive lor!!!' But they totally swear by it..... And they consume it like once a month which seems quite reasonable.

I have not been blessed with clear complexion since young and it is definitely hereditary since my mum and dad both has 'orange skin'. It did crossed my mind to try taking bird's nest but I am always concerned about cost, haha (cheapo me). Anyway, the kaypoh me wonder if it is really true that bird's nest really help in improving bird's nest and I did a search online. Apparently, bird's nest has quite a number of health benefits, mainly:-

1) Strengthening of immune system and brain development in young children
2) Help in speedy recovery and regain of figure after birth for pregnant ladies
3) Improve metabolism, skin condition and slow down aging process (I like!)
4) Strengthen muscle and bone in elderly
5) Helps to control asthma, expel phlegm and strengthen the lungs and respiratory tract

Sounds good right??? I wish a bowl of bird's rest just appear in front of me since I am also coughing now and in need to strengthen my lungs and respiratory tract. How does bird's nest seems like a 'miracle herb' that has so many wonderful properties? Apparently, bird's nest contain a "cell division inducing hormone" and an "epithelial growth factor" that can stimulate the growth and division of cells, enhance tissue growth and cell regeneration. Wah....... I didn't know swallow's saliva is so good!!!!

How? You convince already??? :)

New Age Working Mum

In today's society, it is certainly not easy to maintain a single income family (ie single income support the whole family). It is definitely not impossible but question is what do you have to give up as compared to having double income?

1 reason why I am hesitant about having children is not only the responsibility but also the cost of their maintenance and development and the help necessary to take care of the child since me and hubby will be working. The food for thought came when boss told me about the plan of someone in our team to take leave of absence as she does not have anyone here whom she can trust to take care of her baby after her maternity leave thus she is requesting to take leave of absence after her maternity so that she has more time to her baby and perhaps buy some time to get some help. I feel, this will always be an issue since the family she can trust has explicitly expressed that they are not keen to come to Singapore to help her here. On 1 hand, I pity her situation because she needs help and she is not getting it. On the other hand, her problem will just not be solved even though she is taking leave of absence.

There will not be any best solution to her problem unless she is willing to sacrifice the 'luxury' of earning double income with her hubby...... Isn't this a common issue faced by couples nowadays? Who doesn't want to own a car, go for nice holidays every year...... question is.... what do u need to give up? Being not able to hear the 1st word mumbled by your baby or your baby first step?

The choice is always yours and a very individual one. No right or no wrong.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Clarins Multi Active Day Cream-Gel

Remember my posting a few months ago whereby I completed the Clarins Multi-Active Night Lotion? I am proud to say I have completed the day cream-gel of the same range as well!!! Yeah *pat on the back*

One thing I love about Clarins products are the nice fragrance. I know fragrance in skincare products are usually not good but the smell from Clarins products are from natural plants and herbs which in a way is more organic so should be ok right? Hehe.

I personally like this range of moisturiser has it is easily absorbed and doesn't leave a film of oiliness or stickiness. This has also got to do with the way the moisturiser is being applied. According to the sales assistant, the correct way to apply the moisturiser is to warm up the moisturiser in your hand and then gently pat in onto the face. The warmth from the hand will activate the ingredients in the moisturiser and will be more effective in terms of absorption. My skin type is considered 'inner pores oily but dry surface' which is extremely difficult to tackle. A right balance of moisture has to be applied to ensure that surface is well moisturised thus the pores will not work OT to secrete more oil to the dry surface thus ending up with a shiner and oilier face. If too rich a moisturiser is being used, I end up with breakouts. If the moisturiser is not rich enough, my skin surface will feels tight and uncomfortable.

Clarins Multi Active Day cream-gel is one moisturiser that totally meet all my needs. Enough moisture and yet not rich, prevents early ageing and nice smelling!!! This range has been improved lately and I have received samples for the day cream gel and night cream thus I will be trying it soon and giving my reviews! Stay tuned! :)

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

It's about time that I move my ass and start on something that I wish to do 2 years ago...... Perhaps if I stop procrastinating 2 years ago, I would have succeeded now? But well, no harm trying now also.


Monday, January 17, 2011


Hiaz, I am a self-confessed skincare cum makeup junkie....... I know that I made a 2011 has weeks ago that I will not buy skincare and makeup that I do not need but the beauties below are really tempting............

1) Chanel Lift Lumiere liquid foundation

Credit: Chanel
I would definitely say this is something that I NEED as my Bobbi Brown liquid foundation is almost coming to an end and even though how much I love Bobbi, I cann't help but stray and look at other brands to see what they can offer.

What caught my eye on this is the lifting effect that the foundation can offers and at the same time directs light such that lines are less obvious and pores and imperfections are less obvious. Sounds good!!!

2) Lunasol Spring 2011 Collection: Ocean Scene Purification

Love the blue and greens in this palette........... I do not have this kind of colours in my collection...... can get??? Hahaha

3) Chanel blusher in Espiegle
Credit: Cafe Makeup

I like the peachy colour of this blusher. I don't know about you guys but I find it extremely hard to find a blusher colour that suits me. Powdery pink colour looks so sweet and good on others but makes me look like a clown thus I have always been using peach coloured blush to just get a healthy glow.

4) Ombres Perlées de Chanel palette
Credit: Rouge Deluxe

I have to admit, I succumbed to this and got a friend to help me get this last week when she was watsapp-ing me the whole afternoon that this palette was flying off the shelf and if I want her to get it for me. After hesitating and considering for a good 2.5hrs, I finally told her to get it for me if it is still available. In my heart, I was actually hoping it would be out of stock so I can stop thinking about it, but she watsapp me in about 1 hour later that she got it and there was a 10% Taka discount. Happy!!!!!!

These are only Spring collection and there are another 3 more seasons..... God help me......... I must presevere and stick to my resolutions!!!!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

2011 planner

My 2011 cutie cat planner!!! Nice nice???? Bought from an online shop at $17.80 (inclusive of normal mail), which I think is quite worth it!

Customer service is pretty good! I placed my order and made payment on Tuesday before noon and I received it in my mailbox today! Yeah!!! The online shop is BoboDino and I think I will be back for more since they have very interesting stationery as well. :)

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

2011 resolutions

I have never had a habit of making new year resolutions and sometimes I wonder if I had been living my life aimlessly. Aimlessly not like zombified but more of taking life as it is. I don't think I have taken charge of my life pretty well for the past few years and to a certain extent might have even screwed up in certain areas. Thinking back, I could have done certain things differently and with it had different results.

For 2011, I hope to live my life a bit differently and improve it so for once, it might be a good idea to start my list of new year resolutions! To be realistic, 5 resolutions as all I need. I have been thinking about this for the past few weeks and these are my resolutions:-

1) Exercise regularly (2-3 times a week)- I have gained a TREMENDOUS amount of weight for the past few years and I think I really look like shit! Clothings are all getting tighter and I always get tired very easy. It's really time to exercise..... to lose weight and regain my energy back!

2) Spend more time with my family
- Ever since I got married and shifted out of my parents' place, I am guilty of not visiting them regularly mainly because of the distance that I need to travel. But they are growing older by the day and they have always dotted on me, the least I can do is to visit them and spend some time with them, right?

3) Be more tolerant and close one eye with regards to politics and 'evil doers' in office- Honestly, it is just not worth it to suffer high blood pressure because of some assholes

4) Curb spending on my weakness (skincare and makeup items)- I used to buy new items that hit the shelf and end up not using them. For 2010, I am proud to say that I finished quite a lot of items (I usually did not manage to finish using any items and I will move on to using new items that I bought) and I will continue to do so. Spending lesser money on items that I do not need means more money available on things that I need or savings

5) Take more care on my appearance (in terms of maintenance and dressing)- My mum and sis have been saying that sometimes I look really auntie and sloppy. This has got to change!!!!!

Everyone, wish me best of luck in achieving my 1st list of resolutions!!!!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Happy Indoor Cats

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