Thursday, January 20, 2011

Clarins Multi Active Day Cream-Gel

Remember my posting a few months ago whereby I completed the Clarins Multi-Active Night Lotion? I am proud to say I have completed the day cream-gel of the same range as well!!! Yeah *pat on the back*

One thing I love about Clarins products are the nice fragrance. I know fragrance in skincare products are usually not good but the smell from Clarins products are from natural plants and herbs which in a way is more organic so should be ok right? Hehe.

I personally like this range of moisturiser has it is easily absorbed and doesn't leave a film of oiliness or stickiness. This has also got to do with the way the moisturiser is being applied. According to the sales assistant, the correct way to apply the moisturiser is to warm up the moisturiser in your hand and then gently pat in onto the face. The warmth from the hand will activate the ingredients in the moisturiser and will be more effective in terms of absorption. My skin type is considered 'inner pores oily but dry surface' which is extremely difficult to tackle. A right balance of moisture has to be applied to ensure that surface is well moisturised thus the pores will not work OT to secrete more oil to the dry surface thus ending up with a shiner and oilier face. If too rich a moisturiser is being used, I end up with breakouts. If the moisturiser is not rich enough, my skin surface will feels tight and uncomfortable.

Clarins Multi Active Day cream-gel is one moisturiser that totally meet all my needs. Enough moisture and yet not rich, prevents early ageing and nice smelling!!! This range has been improved lately and I have received samples for the day cream gel and night cream thus I will be trying it soon and giving my reviews! Stay tuned! :)

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