Monday, January 17, 2011


Hiaz, I am a self-confessed skincare cum makeup junkie....... I know that I made a 2011 has weeks ago that I will not buy skincare and makeup that I do not need but the beauties below are really tempting............

1) Chanel Lift Lumiere liquid foundation

Credit: Chanel
I would definitely say this is something that I NEED as my Bobbi Brown liquid foundation is almost coming to an end and even though how much I love Bobbi, I cann't help but stray and look at other brands to see what they can offer.

What caught my eye on this is the lifting effect that the foundation can offers and at the same time directs light such that lines are less obvious and pores and imperfections are less obvious. Sounds good!!!

2) Lunasol Spring 2011 Collection: Ocean Scene Purification

Love the blue and greens in this palette........... I do not have this kind of colours in my collection...... can get??? Hahaha

3) Chanel blusher in Espiegle
Credit: Cafe Makeup

I like the peachy colour of this blusher. I don't know about you guys but I find it extremely hard to find a blusher colour that suits me. Powdery pink colour looks so sweet and good on others but makes me look like a clown thus I have always been using peach coloured blush to just get a healthy glow.

4) Ombres Perlées de Chanel palette
Credit: Rouge Deluxe

I have to admit, I succumbed to this and got a friend to help me get this last week when she was watsapp-ing me the whole afternoon that this palette was flying off the shelf and if I want her to get it for me. After hesitating and considering for a good 2.5hrs, I finally told her to get it for me if it is still available. In my heart, I was actually hoping it would be out of stock so I can stop thinking about it, but she watsapp me in about 1 hour later that she got it and there was a 10% Taka discount. Happy!!!!!!

These are only Spring collection and there are another 3 more seasons..... God help me......... I must presevere and stick to my resolutions!!!!


  1. The Chanel e/s palette looks gorgeous! Have you got it and tried the colours yet??

  2. it's still with my friend and I will meet her next week to collect from her. but i tried the texture atthe counter, the texture is amazing! powdery cream feel, can't wait to get hold of it!

  3. ya do tell me how it's like when you try it! hehe. is it the shimmery type of e/s?


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