Saturday, January 29, 2011

Eyeshadow brushes

Further to my post yesterday on 1 way to apply eye makeup, I thought it would be useful if I were to show the tools used for the application.

Typically, you can either use a sponge applicator or a eyeshadow brush. I started with my FINGERS, hahaha. Because I find it easier to just dap my finger on the eyeshadow and then dap and apply on the lids. This however is not a good method for 2 reasons. Firstly, it's hard to blend the colours together and secondly, over time, the eyeshadow will harden as our fingers might be dirty and all (you would see harden eyeshadow at most cosmetic counters and it look ugly right?)

So....... sponge applicator or brush? It really depends on you but I would go for brush for a few reasons. Sponge applicator tend to 'trap' more pigments on the sponge itself thus lesser pigments end up on the eye. Brushes on the other hand, do not have this problem and also make it easier to apply by brushing it over the lid.

There are 2 type of brushes that I use. 1 to apply the eyeshadow and 1 to blend. This is how they look like...

1) Eyeshadow brush

The 1 on the right is from Ecotools (which I purchased as a set from Watsons) and the left is MAC 239. You will notice that the bristles are denser and shorter. This is to allow the bristles to pick up more pigments from the pot.

2) Blending brush

This is MAC 217 and bristles are longer and fluffier. With the long and fluffy bristles, it makes blending easier since it will 'mix' the colours together better thus removing the harsh lines separating the colours.

For beginners, it is not exactly a must to get a blending brush, it is a good to have. To blend without a blending brush, you can just clean your existing eyeshadow brush with tissue to remove the pigments and lightly sweep over the entire lids, I think this is good enough. Also, you also need not get expensive brushes like MAC (even though they are worth every cents and last very well). Cheaper brushes can also be purchased from Sasa, Watson and drugstore.

So what are you waiting for? Time to start experimenting the colours on your eyes!

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