Wednesday, January 5, 2011

2011 resolutions

I have never had a habit of making new year resolutions and sometimes I wonder if I had been living my life aimlessly. Aimlessly not like zombified but more of taking life as it is. I don't think I have taken charge of my life pretty well for the past few years and to a certain extent might have even screwed up in certain areas. Thinking back, I could have done certain things differently and with it had different results.

For 2011, I hope to live my life a bit differently and improve it so for once, it might be a good idea to start my list of new year resolutions! To be realistic, 5 resolutions as all I need. I have been thinking about this for the past few weeks and these are my resolutions:-

1) Exercise regularly (2-3 times a week)- I have gained a TREMENDOUS amount of weight for the past few years and I think I really look like shit! Clothings are all getting tighter and I always get tired very easy. It's really time to exercise..... to lose weight and regain my energy back!

2) Spend more time with my family
- Ever since I got married and shifted out of my parents' place, I am guilty of not visiting them regularly mainly because of the distance that I need to travel. But they are growing older by the day and they have always dotted on me, the least I can do is to visit them and spend some time with them, right?

3) Be more tolerant and close one eye with regards to politics and 'evil doers' in office- Honestly, it is just not worth it to suffer high blood pressure because of some assholes

4) Curb spending on my weakness (skincare and makeup items)- I used to buy new items that hit the shelf and end up not using them. For 2010, I am proud to say that I finished quite a lot of items (I usually did not manage to finish using any items and I will move on to using new items that I bought) and I will continue to do so. Spending lesser money on items that I do not need means more money available on things that I need or savings

5) Take more care on my appearance (in terms of maintenance and dressing)- My mum and sis have been saying that sometimes I look really auntie and sloppy. This has got to change!!!!!

Everyone, wish me best of luck in achieving my 1st list of resolutions!!!!


  1. yes!! good resolutions! esp the part about spending time with your parents.:)

    and huh...i think i also guilty of dressing slopply recently! bleah.


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