Friday, January 21, 2011

New Age Working Mum

In today's society, it is certainly not easy to maintain a single income family (ie single income support the whole family). It is definitely not impossible but question is what do you have to give up as compared to having double income?

1 reason why I am hesitant about having children is not only the responsibility but also the cost of their maintenance and development and the help necessary to take care of the child since me and hubby will be working. The food for thought came when boss told me about the plan of someone in our team to take leave of absence as she does not have anyone here whom she can trust to take care of her baby after her maternity leave thus she is requesting to take leave of absence after her maternity so that she has more time to her baby and perhaps buy some time to get some help. I feel, this will always be an issue since the family she can trust has explicitly expressed that they are not keen to come to Singapore to help her here. On 1 hand, I pity her situation because she needs help and she is not getting it. On the other hand, her problem will just not be solved even though she is taking leave of absence.

There will not be any best solution to her problem unless she is willing to sacrifice the 'luxury' of earning double income with her hubby...... Isn't this a common issue faced by couples nowadays? Who doesn't want to own a car, go for nice holidays every year...... question is.... what do u need to give up? Being not able to hear the 1st word mumbled by your baby or your baby first step?

The choice is always yours and a very individual one. No right or no wrong.

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  1. Yes, choices are always there and no one could question on ur decision as u are the one who know ur situation best. :)


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