Thursday, January 27, 2011

Eye makeup (Part 1)

A close colleague requested for me to blog 1 post on simple eyemakeup for beginners and here it is.......

The basic colours that I like to use especially for work (when we don't want to look too wayang and drama) is always light yellow /  beige, light pink and brown. 1 thing about eyeshadow palettes that I like is all that I need for application is within the same palette, which is an excellent choice when it comes to travelling. Thus when it comes to using palettes, it's quite brainless for me since the colour combination are all within the same container.

The picture below is taken from the packaging of Lunasol eyeshadow palette. It even teaches you how to use the colours in the palette!!!!

The 4 colours that were in this Lunasol palette are light yellow (A), pink (B), purple(C) and brown (D). All Lunasol eyeshadows comes with excellent shimmers, which is my favourite. My preference when it comes to colours is to avoid matte colours are I have single eyelids and using matte colours make my eyes look puffy and ugly.

So the steps are as follows:-

1) Apply light yellow (A) on the entireeye crease area (until where you can feel your eyeball socket) using a eyeshadow brush

2) Apply pink (B) on the upper eyelid and blend so that you do not see a harsh line separating the 2 colours. Blending is very important when it comes to application of eyeshadows so you will not be seen having patchworks on your eyes

3) Line brown (D) on your upper lashline and 1/3 of the outer lower lashline. For this step, I usually like to use a narrow sponge applicator. This will make your eyes look bigger.

4) This step is optional and I do not usually do it. Line purple (C) on the inner lower lashline. It will help to brighten up and 'open' your eyes and it looks like your eyes are talking :)

I hope the instructions are not confusing and happy experimenting!


  1. how to blend to make it look soft..??

  2. Buy those makeup brush from Watson or sass and use it to sweep across the eyelid. Make sure the bristle is soft. :)


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