Friday, January 21, 2011

Does bird's nest help to improve skin complexion?

A few friends told me before that consuming bird's nest on a regular basis help them to improve their skin complexion. When I heard this, the first thought that came to my mind was 'Wah Se!!!! Bird's nest is expensive lor!!!' But they totally swear by it..... And they consume it like once a month which seems quite reasonable.

I have not been blessed with clear complexion since young and it is definitely hereditary since my mum and dad both has 'orange skin'. It did crossed my mind to try taking bird's nest but I am always concerned about cost, haha (cheapo me). Anyway, the kaypoh me wonder if it is really true that bird's nest really help in improving bird's nest and I did a search online. Apparently, bird's nest has quite a number of health benefits, mainly:-

1) Strengthening of immune system and brain development in young children
2) Help in speedy recovery and regain of figure after birth for pregnant ladies
3) Improve metabolism, skin condition and slow down aging process (I like!)
4) Strengthen muscle and bone in elderly
5) Helps to control asthma, expel phlegm and strengthen the lungs and respiratory tract

Sounds good right??? I wish a bowl of bird's rest just appear in front of me since I am also coughing now and in need to strengthen my lungs and respiratory tract. How does bird's nest seems like a 'miracle herb' that has so many wonderful properties? Apparently, bird's nest contain a "cell division inducing hormone" and an "epithelial growth factor" that can stimulate the growth and division of cells, enhance tissue growth and cell regeneration. Wah....... I didn't know swallow's saliva is so good!!!!

How? You convince already??? :)


  1. try it out then you will know the result.. :)

  2. Lol... nice one! I think u can try out the lao hang jia bird's nests...

  3. Really tempted to try.... Lao hang jia is the concentrated one in glass jar right?

  4. i have a friend whose mum brews birds' nest for them on a regular basis, so shiok right. they buy theirs from fu hua tho, but a bit more troublesome to make, cos need to soak first, then boil, etc.

  5. yah, those soak liao then must clean also. take tweezer and clamp out the dirt, troublesome. some brands come in those concentrated form and stored in glass jar like jam. everyday take 1 teaspoon.

  6. tea spoon???

    how abt that kind that is like chicken essence, then can just open and drink the whole bottle? i bet it'll b that kind of troublesome ones that are the best right, since need to go thru so much and plus they are costlier too.

  7. gal, u just reminded me to go drink some!

    skin not so great nowadays - probably cos' in kitchen and also not feeling well, so kindda sick looking - so 2 bottles in fridge! i'll let you know if it works! (though usually i don't see any diff!)

  8. Verena: yah, I remember I bought 1 jar for my mum and the lady said 1 teaspoon per day cos it's concentrated and dun have much liquid or wat so in it.

    Those small bottle like chicken essence I not sure how much of it is real good birds' nest but definitely more convenient!

    Charmaine: quickly go eat!!!! Me still thinking if I shd buy for myself.....


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