Monday, January 24, 2011

Ettusais Sweet Marble Cheek Color (Limited edition)

Was browsing through February's Women Weekly and saw this cute blusher from Ettusais.

On and off, I noticed Ettusais will come up with makeup with this marble 'swirls' which adds slight shimmers to the products. The 2 products that I can recalled are their limited edition lip gloss and sparkling pact (which is a permanent item and is a pressed powder).

This blusher is at an affordable price of $29 which is pretty reasonable in my opinion since most people HARDLY COMPLETE their blusher and it doesn't hurt to own that 1 more blusher. I owned 2 of Ettusais blusher and hardly touches 1 of it as I find the colour too red and strong (don't ask me how I ended up buying something which I do not like the colour because I do not recall, haha). Their blusher is especially convenient for travellers as it comes with a small sponge at the bottom of the case which can be use to pat on the blusher on your cheeks, this way, you need not bring a blusher brush. However, my personal preference is still to apply using a brush as I find it easier to control the strokes and I look more natural without looking like 2 'kuehs' on my face. :)

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  1. i bought it!


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