Tuesday, August 31, 2010

I think right description for the owner of this crappy note is:-

Looks like an auntie
Act like a bitch
and work like a headless chicken!

For obvious reason, you guys should know who is the owner of this crappy note, lol.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Completed: Clarins Multi Active Night Lotion

I am quite a skincare junkie because when I see good reviews on a good product, I will ITCH to get my hands on the product and try it out on my skin to see if it works. Unfortunately, due to this bad habit, I always have unfinished products sitting on my dressing table till it expire / I remembered that I still have this item and then use them again.

For once, I am so proud of myself for finishing this moisturiser!!! And it is quite a good moisturiser which supposedly has anti-ageing properties and feels light and not oily. It's Clarins Multi Active Night Lotion. Heard that Clarin's multi active range has just been improved but I have yet to try it since I should be more disciplined and move on to the next moisturiser that I have and proceed to finish it!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

After months of agony, my misery should be over soon. Actually I did tell myself to hang in there and don't care what the stupid boss does everyday and just look forward to pay day every month. But somehow, my misery seems to get extended as each day passes by, not to mention that I have to serve 3 months' notice once I get confirmed (provided she confirmed me) so on hindsight, it is better to just move on.

Some of my friends might think that I am trying to escape from the current shitty place but I have really done my analysis this time and if I stayed on bcause of this rumour (which might be true), I might regret as well. So, please give me your support.

On a separate note, BC cooked something interesting today for dinner. It was supposed to be some pork ball stew which ended up looking like chinese '古鲁肉', taste tummy nevertheless :)

Thursday, August 12, 2010

BC's mum and sis just came back from Indonesia last week after attending 1 of their relative's wedding in Bandung and they came back with some brownies. It's not bad but not as chocolately and dense as good brownies and so.......... we decided to spread some peanut butter and nutella on top of the warm brownie before eating it, taste good!!!!

PS: Charmaine, you can consider incorporating peanut butter in your brownies! :)

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Sorry for the lack of updates for the past 2 weeks, it has been CRAZY since I came back from Koh Samui. It's the budget exercise for the company and I have been working late and even to the extent of burning my weekend just to do up some analysis that NO ONE even looks at. Anyway, during the budget review meeting that the company organise last week at Gallery Hotel, it just confirms the fact that I seriously has to look for some other places as this place really has NO room for any career development.

Anyway, after the crazy 2 weeks of work (weekends inclusive), I told BC that I need to get some good ramen!!!! I suggested Tampopo at Liang Court since it is not so crowded at Liang Court and the shabu ramen at Tampopo is really good. I feel so satisfied after eating the shabu ramen and the japanese style of hard boiled egg with the soft centre...... yummy!!!!

Shabu ramen (slight spicy but bearable for me even though I do not take VERY spicy stuff)

LOVE the egg, look at the soft centre!

The quest for food doesn't end there because I want to eat Tampopo cream puff after reading Charmaine's blog!!!! And it is good!!! The cream is milky and light and I can also see black vanilla beans in the cream, super yummy! We also ordered the choc chiffon cake and the light texture of the sponge cake is good. I love sponge cake!

I know this pic looks messy but the cream really is heavenly. I am not someone who loves cream (I will scrap away the cream from cakes and just eat the cake but this is really good!)
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