Saturday, August 21, 2010

After months of agony, my misery should be over soon. Actually I did tell myself to hang in there and don't care what the stupid boss does everyday and just look forward to pay day every month. But somehow, my misery seems to get extended as each day passes by, not to mention that I have to serve 3 months' notice once I get confirmed (provided she confirmed me) so on hindsight, it is better to just move on.

Some of my friends might think that I am trying to escape from the current shitty place but I have really done my analysis this time and if I stayed on bcause of this rumour (which might be true), I might regret as well. So, please give me your support.

On a separate note, BC cooked something interesting today for dinner. It was supposed to be some pork ball stew which ended up looking like chinese '古鲁肉', taste tummy nevertheless :)

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