Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Completed: Clarins Multi Active Night Lotion

I am quite a skincare junkie because when I see good reviews on a good product, I will ITCH to get my hands on the product and try it out on my skin to see if it works. Unfortunately, due to this bad habit, I always have unfinished products sitting on my dressing table till it expire / I remembered that I still have this item and then use them again.

For once, I am so proud of myself for finishing this moisturiser!!! And it is quite a good moisturiser which supposedly has anti-ageing properties and feels light and not oily. It's Clarins Multi Active Night Lotion. Heard that Clarin's multi active range has just been improved but I have yet to try it since I should be more disciplined and move on to the next moisturiser that I have and proceed to finish it!


  1. ooh was the moisturiser good? i use another clarins moisturiser, the ultra matte, and i think it's ok.

    so how are u feeling now, better already? i'm sure when u think of doing THAT, u'll feel even better! then can start the countdown clock!

  2. actually, i really like this moisturiser! given that it is anti ageing, it is still quite light and easily absorbed into the skin, which explains why i can completely finish it, haha. no oily film on the face after application as well. :)

    i am TOTALLY FREE now!!! yeah!

  3. ooh okie. maybe when i finish the ultra/hydra (forget the name) matte and the jurlique moisturiser i'll give this a try. have u tried any of the neck serums tho? any recommendations?


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