Friday, February 24, 2012

Completed: SK-II Skin Refining Treatment

I feel sooo great whenever I complete a product because I will only complete a good product! If only I can do the same with my makeup but I think that will be a SUPER MISSION IMPOSSIBLE. Haha.

This time round, I completed SK-II Skin Refining Treatment, which is a night moisturiser.

Credit: SK-II

Extracted from SK-II website:-

A pore minimising cream that leads to smooth, clear skin by helping prevent the build-up of old skin and clogged pores. Pitera™ and an active BHA formula exfoliate dead skin cells, so pores are refined.

Like mentioned above, it is a CREAM. Don't worry that it's a rich and thick cream, because it is not thus making it suitable for ladies who have combination or oily skin who would like to improve their skin texture and minimise pores. The texture is in a form of a light cream and upon application, I feel it leaves a light sheen on the skin surface, as if it is not absorbed into the skin. When I started using this, honestly I dislike the fact that I can feel it on my skin with a light sheen. But after a while, I learnt to live with it since I am not doing anything after application except sleep, haha.

As this is a night moisturiser, I use this after toner and essence. A tip for ladies who has breakouts is to apply a slightly thicker layer over the pimple or bump and let the BHA in the cream does the magic and minimise the pimples. I have tried this trick over my pimples many times and it always work to soothe my breakouts.

It only comes in one size of 50g and I cannot remember the price of it except it is around $180 range so for you out there who is keen to try but is concern that it might not be suitable for you, ask for a sample over the counter. That's how I got started too! :)

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  1. Hello.. i hv a tip how to use this to the maximum benefit... Apply slightly thicker of skin refining treatment at nite after fte and put a facial treatment mask.. if it stingi, jst do it 15 mins. I did it for 40 mins until the mask nearly dry... My face is glowing n smooth after tht.. even the next day when i wakeup, feeling reallly great...


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