Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Ettusais & Paula's Choice, my saviour combating breakouts!

I'm sure most ladies are plagued the same way I am, having breakouts before or during the time of the month. Serously, it sucks! You are feeling uncomfortable and all and you have to see the pimples popping out on your face, wth man.

Lately, I noticed the breakouts became more severe than before resulting in more pimples and more 'potent' ones (big and red! yucks!!!). Thus, I cannot stick to my usual Clarins cum SK II skincare routine anymore...... I was at wits' end when I thought why not give Ettusias a try? I have known it to be suitable in treating adult's acne but whether effective or not, still a question mark. Luckily, the price was reasonable like $20 for the soap and $37 for Version Up (equivalent of a softener), so I guess why not?

Honestly, I hate facial soap....... It always looks disgusting after while and there is always the hygience issue. Thus, we always have to take note to keep it in a dish and not keep it wet. Another tip which the SA taught me was to NOT lather the soap under running water, the soap will turn soft very quickly. The correct way is to wet your hands and lather up. The pro about using Ettusais Acne Gentle Wash bar soap is my face feels clean and fresh after washing. Feels great after a hot and sweaty day. However, it does makes my skin feels alittle dry and tight and thus Ettusais AC Skincare Skin Version Up Extra is here to the rescue!

Ettusais AC Skincare Skin Version Up Extra is effectively a softener and thus we do not apply this like a toner whereby we pour it on a cotton pad and wipe or pad our face with. Instead, it's gel like texture makes it feels more like a moisturiser. It's easily absorbed and my skin immediately feels hydrated without feeling heavy and oily. A lot of people have the misconception that oily skin or acne prone skin should skip moisturiser. WRONG WRONG WRONG! By skipping moisturiser, your pores will secrete more oil to compensate for the lack of moisture on the skin surface! So the right way is to look for a SUITABLE, LIGHT WEIGHT moisturiser for your oily or acne prone skin.

Paula's Choice 2% BHA Lotion is another saviour. Actually for my combination skin, I should be using the gel form instead of lotion (which is actually more suitable for normal to dry skin) but there was previously some offer for lotion form in 1 of the spree so I took the leap and just got it! Honestly, my breakouts actually got worse initially when I first started using it, but after a week, the pimples started to subside and after 2 weeks, I do feel that my skin surface is not as rough as before. I do not apply the lotion over the whole face but instead over the pimples (which mainly occurs along the side of my face).

For you ladies out there who are plagued by breakouts or adult acne, Ettusias and Paula's Choice is definitely pocket friendly enough for you to give it a try. :)

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