Friday, February 3, 2012


Thanks to my bro in law who asked me to participate in the contest to win free movie preview, I won a pair of movie tickets to catch 'Chronicle' on Tuesday before it was officially open to the public.

Security was really tight and we have to surrender our mobile phones, cameras, iPod, laptop, Gameboy etc etc. As long as it is electronic stuffs that could have the possibility of taking pics or videos have to be surrendered. Before entering the theatre, they will also check your bag to make sure you did not bring in anything that you did not declare. On top of that, throughout the whole movie, there will also be guards walking around to make sure you are not taking pics and all. Really strict!!!

Honestly, I went for the show with completely no idea what the show was about and thank goodness it was not something gory. The story is about 3 teenagers who acquired special powers after finding some meteor or something. But as usual, with great power comes with great responsibilities and along the way, 1 of them began to use the powers for other use, in a bad way.

Actually, I feel this is quite a sad story. For you out there who have watched or read Stephen King's 'Carrie', it is almost along the same plot. The main lead is an outcast in and out of school coupled with family issues. It's no wonder his thinking of using the special powers got twisted.

In any case, I hope I did not reveal too much spoiler of this movie. Haha. Is it movie worthy? Well...... given the high price of movie tickets nowadays, I think it's more DVD worthy although the special effects are pretty good.

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