Sunday, February 19, 2012

Review: Shiseido Perfect Foundation Brush

I have always prefer my trusted FINGERS when applying liquid foundation but after a while, I realised that most of the products end up on my finger than my face. Then I turned to makeup sponges because they are just plain cheap and affordable. Imagine a whole big bag of makeup sponges at Daiso that only cost $2, how affordable is that? BUT....... just like the definition of sponge, it soak up most of the foundation as well and I ended using more foundation than usual.

So I turned to foundation brush and my very 1st foundation brush was a travel-size Bobbi Brown foundation brush which I got for free because I purchased above a certain amount. Sad to say that as much as I love its liquid foundation, I hate this brush. Streaks and streaks of foundation appears on my face and I look awful. And one day many months ago, I was surfing the beauty blogsphere like how I usually was and I saw wonderful review of Shiseido Perfect Foundation Brush on Cafe Makeup, I knew I had to get it! After surfing the local blogsphere, the pleasant surprise was this brush is actually quite affordable at $40, honestly not too bad!

As you can see from the picture above, the brush is packed densely with synthetic bristles. BUT it is very very soft. In fact, when I first touched it at the Shiseido counter at Clementi BHG, the SA said she has yet to sell it but she knows from other counters that it is a very popular brush with super soft bristles. The tip is slanted so that it is easier to reach areas like the corner of our nose, under the eyes and other contour of our face.

I have tried the usual way of applying foundation with this brush, which is the normal flat brush way of applying (imagining painting the wall??) and I find it quite good. NO MORE STREAKS! Then I realised the correct way of using this brush to achieve the flawless, airbrushed effect is by dapping the brush with foundation over the areas of our face (paying more attention by dapping more on the areas that you would like more coverage) and then using light strokes to smooth it out. The effect is wonderful...... Smooth, streakless and airbrushed natural coverage.
I have washed this brush a few times considering I have been using it for more than 4 - 5 months and the fallout of bristles was really minimal (in fact almost none except for a few).

There are blogs that raved about this brush even when they are applying compact foundation but my personal opinion when I tried it was I dislike it. I still prefer the conventional way of applying compact foundation with a sponge as I get to smooth out the powder more easily than using the brush and dap dap dap. I ended up spending more time applying compact foundation than liquid foundation, which totally defeated the whole purpose of applying compact powder when I am pressed for time!

I have really said enough, this brush is wonderful, everyone should just get one! In fact, I was sooo tempted to get a backup of it!


  1. Isn't it the best foundation brush? I am using it all the time now.

  2. Jacq, it is indeed the best foundation brush! i am using it all the time too :)


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