Monday, February 6, 2012

10 Things About Me

1) I love cats. Cats or children, I choose cats, anytime.
2) No, I do not love my job but at least it is bearable and it pays the bills.
3) I'm not extrovert and I get uncomfortable meeting new people. But once I warm up to them, I can be a clown with them. :)
4) At times, I just don't feel like talking and this can go on for the whole day, haha.
5) I used to want to be a makeup artist.
6) Staying at home and do nothing but read a good book while my cats are sleeping is something I enjoy.
7) I do not appreciate people telling me that they treat me as their friends when their actions and words tell otherwise.
8) I believe in a few good friends than multiple acquaintances.
9) I HATE ironing.
10) Makeup items is always my biggest weakness. :)

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