Monday, February 20, 2012

Sooo disappointed with Hatched

Friends who have been reading my blog or checking out my check ins on Facebook will know that I'm like a super supporter and loyal customer of Hatched. They serve wonderful food at reasonable price thus even at a super inconvenient location at Evans Lodge (which we had to take a taxi down), we still go down pretty often around once to twice a month. But sad to say, lately their services did disappoint me quite a bit.

The first disappointment came 2 weeks ago when I made a reservation for 4 at 11am. When we reached around 11am, we were asked to wait while our table is being prepared. This wait was close to 30 mins which I told BC that if I do not get a table within the next 5 mins, we are leaving. Services that day was slow, they took long to take our orders, serve us our drinks and food that even BC got pissed off and asked them why are customers coming in later than us and placing order later than us, are getting their food earlier than us? In the end, they apologized to us stating that they were short-handed in the kitchen and thus the result of the slow service. We were actually pleased that they bothered to apologize and explain for their slow services because they do jolly well kept quiet and be busy the whole day. So we can rest this case.

The second disappointment came yesterday wben we went Hatched for our brunch. I placed a reservation for 1030am which was not recorded in their book at all. My name wasn't there! Lucky for us, there wasn't any crowd there thus they were able to give us our table. Subsequently when we were placing or order, there is a major screw up. BC ordered their pancakes and wanted to add eggs and bacon. He asked Staff A if he were to add an extra serving of egg, how many eggs would that be. She said that will be 2 sunny side up. Fine, so he placed his order with an extra serving of egg and bacon. Then when they served our food, his 1 egg came first. So we went blur because we thought it was supposed to be 2 eggs. In addition, why is the bacon missing from the plate? So we asked Staff B (who served us our food) whether our extra serving of egg is 1 or 2 eggs because she is only serving 1. She went blur....... like total blank out, like we are talking in alien language. Then she said 1 egg and when we asked why did Staff A told us an extra serving of egg is 2 eggs, she went blank again. Then she went in and out of the kitchen a few times and Staff C came and asked us what is the issue and we told him that we were told when we placed an order for AN extra serving of egg, it will be 2 eggs and now we are served with only 1. In the end, Staff C said extra egg is at $1 each and if we want 2 extra eggs, it will be $2. Ok FINE, we will take 2 eggs at $2, we hate more explaining. And after that, Staff A came over again and ask if everything is all right and we said yah so as to shut her up.

One thing about the servers at Hatched is they are mainly young adults and they look like students working part time. Lately we noticed that some of these servers have no idea what they need to do. We need to put in extra effort to get their attention (like their eyes are zooming in and out and looking everywhere else but at the direction of the customers). Honestly, I am kind of disappointed with their services these 2 times and given that we have to take a cab to and from this place, it would really be good that they can get back to the kind of services we used to get when I started patronising this place. However, I have to give it to them that their food did not change in anyway, it still taste as good even during the time when they were short handed, KUDOS TO THEM on this!

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  1. I went to Hatched last Saturday, service with indifferent. The young staff there basically do not know how to serve well and the food was not up to par. I was disappointed.


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