Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Drips Bakery Cafe

To celebrate a fellow colleague's birthday, we headed somewhere away from our office to have a nice simple lunch. We gave him the option of sandwich or Thai food and he chose the former. Thus we headed to Drips Bakery Cafe at Tiong Poh Road.

Drips is a small cozy cafe a street away from the famous Tiong Bahru Market. I believe it's name comes from them serving iced dripped coffee as one of the item on the menu. Other items on their menu are assorted sandwiches on croissant or bread, cakes and tarts.

Prices is considered to be on a steep side as a simple sandwich (no bigger than the size of a Delifrance sandwich) cost $13.80. Additional cheese or avocado cost $2. Drinks cost between $4.80 to $6.50 and their tarts is around $6 each. However, with the steep price, I had to say their ingredients are fresh. I ordered a smoked salmon sandwich and it has lettuce, smoked salmon, some brinjal like thing with honey mustard (you can even see the mustard seed!)

Drips is also known for their tarts and of course it doesn't come cheap too. At $6 each with the size of smaller than a tea cup saucer, it's expensive. But they are generous with the fillings. We ordered a raspberry tart and chocolate tart and the raspberries are big and juicy. Chocolate tart is rich and not too sweet too.

Would I go there again? Honestly 50:50 because the prices are really steep but once a while it is a nice place to chill with friends because of it's cozy ambience.
Nice open ceiling concept

Latte & cappucino

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