Monday, February 27, 2012

Rise of the Planet of the Apes

Weekend is movie day again and we headed to VideoEzy after breakfast to see if there are any titles that caught our eyes and we would like watch. BC has mentioned a few times that there are massive CGIs in the movie 'Rise of the Planet of the Apes' and insisted that we should watch Blu-Ray instead of DVD, so rented Blu-Ray instead.

After watching this show, I really wish that animals who are oppressed and bullied in animal farms should be able to uprise and scare the s**t out of the idiots who does nasty things to them. Why do the apes uprise? Gosh, they were locked in crappy place and fed with crappy food and the person who supposedly should be taking care of them is bullying them like a toy. This is why we always say: 'Animals have feelings and they are no different from humans. Human beings just happen to be higher up in the food chain'. At the end of the day, these animals just wanted to be treated with basic respect!

There have been more and more cases of animal abuses in Singapore and one of which is actually a pest control company placing a glue trap which killed a stray cat because the amount of glue used was too excessive. I have no idea what the hell these people really think but they are just inhumane. I would love to pour glue over them and hope they suffer the same fate as the poor animals.

Back to the movie, it's definitely worth the watch! The CGI is impressive and given the advancement of technology, there is really no way of telling what is real or fake. Storyline is touching too..... the friendship between the ape and the male lead is really amazing, I feel they are really a family, just like me and my 4 fur babies. :)


  1. It is one of my favourite shows, it just gets me when the ape spoke, I was like woah!

  2. Jacq, I was actually not enticed to watch this at all and I'm glad my hubby wanted to watch it. The storyline really make you feel for the apes.


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