Thursday, August 12, 2010

BC's mum and sis just came back from Indonesia last week after attending 1 of their relative's wedding in Bandung and they came back with some brownies. It's not bad but not as chocolately and dense as good brownies and so.......... we decided to spread some peanut butter and nutella on top of the warm brownie before eating it, taste good!!!!

PS: Charmaine, you can consider incorporating peanut butter in your brownies! :)


  1. kekekek!! thanks for the idea!peanut butter and nutella - noted!;)

    BUT huh...i allergic to peanuts! :P if i can't taste...oh ya huh - my husband still can! ahahahah!!:)

  2. wow looks like an evil concoction (for the waistline)!! Haha but am sure it's damn nice! Peanut butter with chocolate. i think i'd have died and gone to chocolate heaven.

  3. charmaine: has your hubby's wasitline expanded since you went into brownie business? :P

    violet: It was damn heavenly..... i am now drooling about it now, perhaps I should prepare this tonight!


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