Sunday, August 17, 2008

We have tried leaving Eden in the living room and kitchen these few days while we go out for dinner or short periods out of home and she seems to be well behaved still. On and off, we notice that she does have abit of mood swings will the constant climbing up and down of sofa and we are trying very hard to get her not to chew the wires at home! Have no choice but to buy a bitter spray from pet shop and spray on those stuffs that we do not want her to bite on.

She has certainly grown since the day we fetch her home. Her stomach seems bigger, appetite got better and she has also grown longer. Haha. But she is still cute and adorable and active. On and off, she does come to us and 'sa jiao' especially when we just scolded her for something that she should not do. Like now, this is the 1st time that she came to my lap and fall asleep!

She is just so adorable........

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