Saturday, August 9, 2008

Eden Day 1

We finally went to fetch Eden from her foster mum this afternoon, me and BC were so excited!!!! We have prepared all the necessary for the past few days and we couldn't wait to view and fetch her home.

We arrived at her foster mum's place slightly earlier than the agreed time since we thought it is better to be early than late. When we saw her, we were .....OMG......... we knew we want to bring her back. Her foster mum told us abit of history about Eden and explained to us why she is abit insecure and afraid of people. She has been loitering around some estates with her birth mother and sister. Since the day she was born, they were being fed by the volunteers of Cat Welfare Organisation. Her sister, Maya was actually up for adoption as well, but sadly, her sister went missing a few days before today's viewing thus a lady who was scheduled to come for a viewing earlier than me has to be disappointed (cos the foster mum reserved Eden for me thus this lady was also unable to view Eden). To be away from her mum and seeing her own sister went missing must be very sad for a young kitten like her thus explaining her insecurity. The foster mum told us that we have to be very patient with her and slowly she will get used to us and be closer to us.

Guess how we fetch her home? She super love lieing down in those recycleable cloth shopping bag, thus we 'transported' her back in it. She was sleeping all the way from the time we left the foster mum's place at 230pm and coming back, being afraid with the unfamiliar environment, she only fell asleep at 4pm till around 6pm+. We thought she had no appetite since we brought the food plate to her and she is not eating..... then BC slowly fed her bit by bit and she finally eaten! Phew! Now the next thing to be concerned is her toilet habit, we were so scared she will pee and poo around the house!!! Luckily, she only do that in the litter box and as and when we see her start digging around, we know we had to bring her to the litter box.

The sad part came when we had to sleep. We had to let her sleep on her own in the kitchen and she was meowing the whole time......... We have to ignore her since we need our sleep... Her meowing is actually quite loud wo! I hope the neighbours are not disturbed by it.

Taking her afternoon nap

She is still sleeping........

Strike a pose!

Isn't she a beauty???

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