Thursday, September 2, 2010

Lately, BC and I have been back to our weekly movie treats. To him, it is a form of relaxation because your mind is focused on the show for the full duration and you are in complete darkness in the big, cool theatre.

So last week, we caught 'Grown Ups' by Adam Sandler and some of the funny characters that we will always see in his shows like the Deuce Bigalow guy. It was hilarious........ and we really had a good laugh at MOST of the scenes in the show. What I like about the show is the plot behind all the funny scenes. The plot that depicts how the main characters tried to 'relive' their childhood games and activities together and also 'educate' their children on what is a normal childhood. Children nowadays (as shown in the movie as well) are always on PSP, Wii or PC games and unlike my time (hmmm, I sound pretty old here huh?), we are playing zero point and five stones, it was really enjoyable.

Anyway, after watching the movie, it really brought back nice, memorable memory of my younger (MUCH YOUNGER) days whereby I will meet my friends in school earlier to play zero point and five stones.........

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