Wednesday, September 22, 2010


When I was younger, I could not comprehend why shows always depict Mid-Autumn Festival as a day that family comes together to have mooncakes and children have fun playing with lanterns. It's just another day on the calendar right? This year, somehow I was hoping that I can spend this festival with my parents and sisters and given that I have never gone back to my parents' place on a weekday (given the distance), I'm glad I did.

The joy of sitting around the dining table eating mooncakes and pomelos, while at the same time catching up with each others' lives is truly heart warming. I realized how much I have distanced myself from them after shifting out and staying on my own and I also realized I have not really been visiting my parents much. Today, I could see the happiness on my parents' faces, especially my dad because he kept smiling (you know how old fashioned men always keep their feelings to themselves? My dad is a typical example) and I felt guilty as I feel that I have neglected them so much.

I always prayed to God that my parents will be able to stay healthy so that they can enjoy what they like to do and also have a more relaxed lifestyle after slogging so much for us but I have overlooked that what they also need is also our presence. Our presence to tell them that we have grown up and they need not worry about us and that we are grateful for all they had sacrificed and done for us. Although I have not visited them often, my parents have never blamed me because they said they understand we stay far away and we don't drive. But when I do come back, they never fail to cook my favorite dishes.....

I thank you, God for the wonderful family that You have given me.....


  1. This is such a sweet entry...yah after moving out then i also felt the same we need to make the effort to visit them and make them feel like they are still a huge part of our lives!

  2. i used to find it a chore to travel so far to visit them but everytime when i do so, i ended up not willing to leave my butt and go home! haha


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