Friday, February 12, 2016

How to switch your skincare products

Hi all, it has really been a while and I apologize for the lack of updates in this small space of mine. Life just catches up with us and we have other priorities that we need to attend to. I would certainly continue to update this humble blog of mine and would appreciate your patience with this.

Today I would like to share my personal experience on switching skincare products. Some people out there are not as lucky as others who have zero issues switching their skincare products just like that. Unfortunately for me, I fall into the 'unlucky' category whereby issues will always surface whenever I switch skincare. So you would say 'Why switch then?'. Well, there could be reasons..... Because we heard good feedbacks from our friends, we were fascinated by the advertisements on TV and the list goes on..... So how do we do it then?

1) Know yourself (and your skin)
Nothing beats knowing yourself and your skin, especially ingredients that you have reacted adversely towards to previously. Skin does change over time and especially as we age. My skin now reacts differently to products as compared to 10 years ago and products that I have tried previously that gave me severe breakouts instead worked wonders for me now. However, as a precaution, you can always start with a patch test first.

2) Plan ahead
My skin can be sensitive at times so I always plan ahead when I have the intention to switch products. You might ask "Ruby, what do you mean by planning ahead?'. My suggestion is always to start baby steps in switching over to new products while you are still on the existing skincare regime and products. I always start trying out new products while I still has 1/4 of the existing products. A suggestion could be this:-

Week 1 (Trying new products only on alternate evenings)
- Morning: Existing products
- Evening: New products (alternate evenings only)

Week 2 (Trying new products every evening)
- Morning: Existing products
- Evening: New products

Week 3 (Using new products alternate mornings, and every evenings)

Week 4 (You can fully switch over to new products)

For ladies who have extremely sensitive skin, you have to start gradual and be patient. My sister who has extremely sensitive skin, tried this method and thank goodness was able to switch over to new skincare regime and products.

3) It's normal to have breakouts?
I used to stop continuing with the new products the moment I see pimples popping out within the first few days. I started to recognise that this is the way my skin goes through the detoxification process. This is no difference from you feeling lethargic when you start on a juice cleanse or detox program. However, should the breakouts be extremely red and fierce after 1 - 2 weeks, the new products might not be for you.

4) Be patient
I usually do not switch over an entire new skincare regime just like that. My personal preference is to switch product by product. This is also because my products do not all run out at the same time. By switching over product by product, it will also be easier for you to identify which products work or not work for you.

5) Drink more water
Healthy skin always start with proper lifestyle. Drinking sufficient water help the body to flush out toxins and keep our skin hydrated.

The above pointers are tried by me personally and I certain hope that it can help other individuals. However, do note that results will varies from individual and ultimately you know yourself best. :)


  1. welcome back to cyberspace! haha, keep on posting when you can! and thanks for the tips. :)

    i have been using prdts from the derma over the last few years in addition to some other prdts that they didn't specifically insist on me using (e.g. eye cream, neck serum). but i have started to switch to OTC brands now, but am sticking to Kiehl's currently and trying out more of their items now :D

    1. Thanks for the welcome, dear! I sure hope to get back to writing more soon.

      Kiehl's has very good products too. I love their calendula toner previously, very soothing.

    2. i was given a sample-sized calendula toner previously but have not used it yet. recently i went to buy cleanser from them and was recommended the calendula cleanser. will try it and see how it is!


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