Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Topshop Singapore

Popular British multi-national fashion retailer, Topshop has been a popular brand that I will always go to because I really love the petite range that they offers to short girls like me. We are always spoilt for selection because of the wide range of selection offered from casual (flattering jeans and jackets) to formal (blazers and dresses) and not forgetting accessories that we can pair with our outfit.

We used to need to visit a brick and mortar store in order for us to purchase our favourite pieces from Topshop Singapore but it's no longer the case now. Log into the internet, shop at the comfort of your home and just wait for the delivery to be made to you. :)

I have always been a fan of Topshop jeans and the skinny jeans here have definitely caught my eyes.

This sleeveless belted coat is definitely a keeper. I do not recall seeing many such pieces. If you think you can buy only clothings online, think again..... Check out the bags and shoes! Always love pairing boots with my outfit especially when I travel.

I have always been an advocate for online shopping for the simple reason of CONVENIENCE. It's just too tiring to get out of there, squeezing through the crowd, fighting for that item you want and in worst case scenario, getting there and not being able to buy what you want. With 30 days free returns and free delivery for purchases above $40, it's such an enjoyable shopping experience.

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