Thursday, July 23, 2015

Soak in Korean Fashion with ZALORA

I have always been a fan of J-Drama when I was a teenager and as the years go by, the K-entertainment industry has boomed out of nowhere creating a hype both in the entertainment and fashion industry. Everyone wants that lipstick that was showed on this drama or that hairdo that was in that MTV, even Paris Baguette got so popular! For a while, I have friends trying to get hold of korean fashion clothings when on holiday to Seoul but the good news now is........ you can get your hands on korean fashion just by shopping over ZALORA!

I seriously love these culottes and bermudas, they look chic and so so comfortable! Price is super friendly to our pocket too. :)

Want to look more feminine? No problem there, these dresses comes in different styles that can definitely match the date that you want to.

I super love accessories from Korea. I personally think they look so cute and yet matchable to most outfits that I 'swept' quite a lot of them when I can! If you especially love colourful and statement-styled accessories, you must check out their accessories.

Don't forget to dress up your man like one of your favourite korean star as well!!! Check out the Mens' Fashion! There are tees and outerwears that are suitable to Singapore weather and yet not compromising the look of korean fashion.

I really like the leather shoes with neon sole below. Such a statement look just by adding that subtle pop of colour to a pair of black shoes.

Look no further if you have already seen items that caught your eyes........ Check out Korean Fashion at ZALORA for more items. You never know which korean star you will look like! :)

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