Thursday, May 27, 2010

My retarded...... BB cream craze

I know BB cream has been hyped up like donkey years ago........BUT I was only into this craze recently. Yes..... I am slow, hahaha, but because I always thought that the shade is very light (since it only comes in 1 shade, the most 2) and they are moisturising thus more suitable for normal to dry skin. However, after hearing comments from my friends and colleagues who used BB cream and told me how much better this cream is as compared to liquid foundation, I was totally sold and seriously wanting to try! I done some research (not very extensive given the amount of information on so many beauty blogs that I am just too lazy to look at all of them) and decide to get SAMPLES instead of full size product online.

Went on GMarket to do a search and found that even full size product are so so so much cheaper than those sold in the shops! WTH......... the price difference can be as high as 50%????? Dammit..... more excuses for me to do online shopping than anything, only thing is I still need to check out the shop and be a cheapo woman to test out the shade under the hawk eyes of the sales assistants...... Anyway, decided to get a smaller full size Etude House BB cream that is supposedly for oily skin and a sample tube of the highly raved Skin79 Hot Pink BB cream and both cost me $20!!!! So excited to try them out now!!!!

My GMarket haul
On a separate note, I 'grabbed' more samples of BB cream from to test out the various brands, so I still waiting for these samples to arrive!

1 comment:

  1. The one in the blue box was the one i got from Etude house! but i think the coverage isn't fantastic and i only used it a few times.

    And i paid FULL PRICE. hahaha.


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