Sunday, May 30, 2010

Kyo-Nichi ramen

It has been a while since me and BC went out and really enjoy ourselves with a meal and just nuah outside and after watching an episode of 'Food Jammers' whereby these 3 guys tried their hands on cooking japanese ramen using some fish tank type of automatic cooker, we were seriously craving for some ramen!!! BC then thought of Kyo-Nichi ramen when we used to have when I was still working in Raffles Place years ago and he craved for their char siew (which I thought was nothing fantastic actually.......) and we decided to head down to Marina Square for some ramen.

Honestly, I was quite disappointed with the ramen actually. The soup is still tasty like before but the ramen is not as Q and mine lumps together at some parts which really makes the whole experience abit of a screw up........ I find the ramen at Tampopo restaurant at Ngee Ann city is well better............. Especially the Tonkatsu ramen which has a slightly spicy broth, it's just heavenly. Noodles is also Q and not gluey, which is exactly what I like.

In any case, our ramen craving has been satisfied (for BC only, hahaha) but at least, it wasn't that bad since at least I still got to enjoy the soup! Hahaha.

Kyo-nichi ramen

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