Saturday, May 22, 2010

New Moon

I have always made it a point to read the novel (if any AND it interest me) before watching the movie and this time round is no exception. I REFUSE to watch 'New Moon' on the big screen as I have not read the book and decided that I would rent the DVD when I am done with the reading. When I was reading the book, I did not feel much emotion except that Bella is such a bitch. However when I started watching the show, I felt so so angry with Edward and Bella. Who the hell is Edward to think that by leaving Bella, it's for her own good. And stupid stupid Bella, such a fickle-minded ass who seek temporary solace in poor Jacob and dumped him when her beau is back..... What the hell.......... He is so much hotter than Edward, can? The hot bod and the eyes...... Gosh, he looks like a puppy than a wolf.........

Testosterone rush!!!! *hot*

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