Sunday, May 23, 2010

Grab your samples!!!!

I used to be those stupid consumers who usually throw samples (skincare, cosmetics etc) aside and not try them as I prefer to stick to whatever products I have been using to play safe. Never know what these samples can cause in terms of adverse effects right? But now the 'auntie' streak in me is growing and it's always good to try out samples and then purchase full size product if I like them. Even if I do not like them, I can just dump them after using it for a few times. I found the perfect site to grab these samples!!!! Click on the link

or the Fr3b icon on the right panel to join the Fr3b community as a member. Try out the sample and give a review. With each review, you will gain 2 points that can be use to redeem for more samples! It's just that simple!

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