Tuesday, June 8, 2010

MAC..... I want more MAC!!!

Years ago when I had my first makeup item, it was MAC studio fix powder foundation that my mum got her cousin's wife (who was a stewardess with JAL) purchased for me. That was the first time I actually have something on my face and since then I have started exploring MAC products. The love and hate relationship that I had with MAC until today is the variety of colours that are available but also the wide variety of colours that made it so dramatic. To date, I have tried their studio fixed powder, blot powder (excellent when I was in uni and needed something to mattify my face and not give a thick coverage like I am wearing makeup), Select Sheer Powder, Lipglass, Tinted Lip conditioner, Powder Blush, Eye shadow and Powerpoint eye pencil.
Although, I have been using products from other brands on and off for a while but on and off, I will steer back to using some of MAC products. I have stopped using MAC stuffs for about 3 years or more but recently I have steer up to using their eye liner and blush and my MAC craze is coming back, I want more, more, more MAC! I started with a MAC blusher after the recent pan out of my Shu's blusher..........
MAC blusher in Springsheen
The next items that I would love to get is a new lipglass and maybe another blusher since springsteen is a peachy, coral colour (I can get a pinky one this time, haha) and of course more eyeshadows!!!!!


  1. hey is there a name for the eyeliner you're using from mac? pencil right, so is it good? i use gel and tried liquid but i want to try pencil too and see if it doesn't smudge easily. haha.

    or if it's some code do you have it? thanks!

  2. it's MAC powerpoint eye pencil and the colour I am using is stubborn brown. So far i find that it doesn't smudge as fast as the other eye pencil that I had from shu. i only experienced very slight smudge around 6 - 7 hours later and it is not exactly very obvious. I will remember to apply powder at my lower lid and avoid rubbing my eyes also. I would say it is the best eye pencil I have used so far.

  3. Wow sounds like some miracle pencil. haha.

    ok i think i'll go check it out!

  4. yes, u should!!!! and i think it cost $26, which is still quite ok considering that drugstore brands are easily $20 also.


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