Wednesday, June 9, 2010

I have always find the behaviour of some people very queer. This evening as I am alighting from the bus, this auntie before me was trying to tap her EZ link card by placing her BAG at the scanner. For 1 reason or another, apparently the EZ link card shifted and it was not at the part of the bag that was being scanned thus she has to shift and move her bag around so that the scanner can detect her card and deduct the fare accordingly. Due to this behaviour of hers, the queue formed while waiting for her.

To be fair to her, she did not take very long to scan her bag for the EZ link card (the most 10 seconds), but what I could not understand was why can't she just pull out the EZ link card from the bag and tap it at the scanner???? It is just a CARD, not cardboard or file!!!! This is not the first incident that I encountered because I have also seen passenger SLAMMING their bag at the gantry at the MRT station to scan their EZ link card so that they can get through. Gosh......... when I heard the 'THUMP' at the gantry, I was thinking it will be much easier to take out the card and scan than lifting the whole bag on the scanner isn't it???? I only have a statement as conclusion: HUMANS ARE INTERESTING CREATURES.

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  1. Hahahaha yes that is something I never understand, and get totally pissed off at whenever I'm stuck behind some stupid woman who is trying her darnest to turn her bag every which way just to scan the card!


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