Saturday, June 5, 2010

Bake bake bake

I cannot recall how long ago did we buy this packet of Betty Crocker's cookie mix and I have been procastinating about when I should bake them. My excuse was always we only have a microwave oven and not conventional oven thus it will always not taste as good. Today, in fact at around 1030pm then did I decide that perhaps I should just bake it before it expires and even as I am blogging now, I am still baking these cookies (should be the final batch). BC test tried and at this time have already finished the 1st batch of cookies that I have baked and it taste quite good for a instant cookie mix (just adding softened butter and egg). It's just that I have to play around with the timing of the baking and temperature better so that the 2nd and final batch will taste better than the 1st.

The instant cookie mix that we bought ages ago (no worries, has yet to expire)

The batter

Shaped and placed in tray

Cooked! Yeah!

Closed up of the cookies

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