Friday, January 25, 2008

After months of preparation, it has finally arrived! Tomorrow is my BIG day!!!! So excited! Many people have been asking me how I feel, excited or not? Honestly I am! Hehe. I asked BC if he is excited and he told me not to ask him that otherwise he will feel gan cheong.

Thinking back, it's really God's blessings that we need to postpone our wedding by another 6 months to be on 26 Jan 08. If we were to get married 6 months ago, we would not be able to have a mass wedding since BC is not a Catholic then. In addition, finances wise, it was less streneous on us since we have more time to save and plan. Not forgetting all my good friends and family who never hesitated at all when I needed help, they are such wonderful people! This is a gift from my 2nd sis. Not only is it hand sewn by her, the framing cost a freaking $85! So ex!

Tidied up all the loose ends (called to confirm caterer, time and address for bridal car to pick up BC, DIY my mass booklet etc). It finally time to go for my mani and pedi! Nice??

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