Friday, January 11, 2008

The beginning of 2008 certainly has not started very well for me in a way. Annual budgetting exercise and the preparation of my wedding at the same time is really killer! Luckily I have kept my wedding as simple as possible, otherwise I think I would have DIE-ED before the day!

Alot of people started asking me if I am excited about my wedding, definitely yes. But I am also 'gan cheong' as to whether I have thought of all the things that I need to prepare. Luckily for my jie meis, they kept telling to leave the worrying to them and just relax on that day.

BC and myself met out with our xiong dis and jie meis respectively yesterday to strategize for the TUG OF WAR at the beginning of the day. It's really funny what people can think of to sabo the others. As usual, BC always threaten me that if the jie meis don't open the door, they will use tools to remove the whole gate! Well well, please seek approval from your father in law then. Haha.

So so, what else do I need to prepare for wedding???????
- Facial (Done)
- Colouring of hair (pending)
- Meeting with jie meis and xiong dis for instructions on actual day (Done)
- Invitation cards sent (except for a few)
- Rehearsal at church (next week)
- Solist cum organist (booked)
- Caterer (booked)
- Photographer (booked)
- Powerpoint (to be done)
- Church floral deco (booked)

Should be fine bah...... anything else???

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