Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Misunderstood One

Since young, I have always find stray cats very pitiful, especially the cats who have been injured or abused in a way. And cats have really been a misunderstood animals by people. People always say cats are dirty or it's a Malay's animals (because Muslims can't touch dogs) but they are also a life just like a handsome Siberian Husky or a cute chihuahua. Seeing how thin they are, looking abit dirty and tired really makes me want to do more for them. However, I am unsure if I am able to commit the time and effort to be a volunteer with SPCA or Cat Welfare Society thus..... I can only see and pity them from a distance.

Just last week on a rainy day, me and BC saw a beautiful multi-coat female cat at our block and we have never seen her before (I more or less know knows the strays around my estate) and she was meowing at us so loudly as if saying "Help me! I am really hungry!". We brought her to the staircase at our unit and gave her some dry food and water. Ever since that day, we have been looking out for her everyday and now, we even make a special trip down after dinner to look for her and feed her. I named her Betty, after Ugly Betty from the USA TV series because her coat may make her look messy but she really is quite a beautiful cat.

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