Sunday, June 12, 2011

LUSH Honey I Washed The Kids

Not sure how many of you still remember LUSH many years ago when it was available in Singapore, specifically on basement 1 of Isetan Wisma (where the current Agnes B is at now). That time, I really hate the smell of LUSH when I walk past, because it smells TOO SWEET for my liking which I think I was going to puke. However, last year when Tracy shared with me her love for LUSH and helping me get 'Honey I Washed The Kids' soap during one of her business trip overseas and I absolutely love it!! This soap is a hot seller and it smells heavenly with honey (needless to say) as one of the ingredients. It does smell sweet when you are smelling it directly from the bar, but during and after shower, the honey smell that lingers on the skin really is quite relaxing and soothing especially after a hard day at work or an intensive workout. It especially worked this afternoon in soothing and freshening me up after a session of housekeeping with the hot and humid weather here.

After shower, it not only leaves my skin soft and smelling great, I actually felt clean. Not squeaking clean like using a harsh bar soap but clean enough that I feel fresh! I absolutely love this soap. For newbies to LUSH, I would strongly encourage you to try this soap out! Oh, if you would like to stock up on LUSH products, it would be advisable to keep the LUSH products that you are stocking up in zip lock bag placed in the fridge. Given Singapore's hot weather, their products might not last very well.

Guess what, it's time to do some online shopping soon!

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